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​Living in the Lowcountry means that we can enjoy our outdoor spaces nearly year round. Adding a deck to your home or screening in an existing deck space adds instant square footage to your home and instant value. ​ Improve your home's curb appeal by adding a wider and more welcoming set of steps to your existing front porch or extend your front porch area to achieve that gracious southern style. VaughnBuilt can help you realize each of your outdoor space needs.
Gardens and Planters
Get back to your roots with a garden custom designed and built by VaughnBuilt. 
Whether you want a simple kitchen garden for growing herbs and a few summer vegetables or you plan on feeding your family with homegrown fruits and vegetables year round, we can construct a garden specific to your needs.

Pergolas and Arbors
Perhaps the addition of a raised deck isn't a possibility for your property because your home is built on a slab rather than a crawl space. You still have lots of beautiful options! Pergolas add charm to your outdoor space as well as provide a shady area for outdoor dining and relaxing. Let us customize and construct a pergola for you to then personalize and make your own. A custom arbor can transform an existing gate or pathway into a welcoming focal point in your landscape or garden.
Fences and Gates
​They say that good fences make good neighbors. Fences also add security and privacy to your outdoor spaces and dollars to your home's overall value. Let us design a custom fence for your property that reflects your personal style as well as the feel and character of your neighborhood. 
​Your neighbors will thank you!

Decks and Porches